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DNS Director bugging out (even when disabled): nslookup returns NOTIMP

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Hi all, thanks for reading this post.
Im having a weird issue with DNS Director.
Its currently disabled. However, sometimes it gets into a state of bugginess where I cant nslookup on, causing my Google Homes, and any machines using, to break. The error I get from nslookup is 'NOTIMP'
 nslookup google.com

Non-authoritative answer:
Name:   google.com
** server can't find google.com: NOTIMP

Enabling and then re-disabling DNS Director fixes this issue which leads me to believe DNS Director is bugging out even when disabled
This issue happens infrequently, maybe once a week.

That looks more like a WAN down redirect from wanduck. Any messages in the router log around that time?
I dont know what time it started (unsure of timestamp) but I can definitely check next time that happens
Right now, I am still in this bugged out state, but WAN is currently up. My internet seems to be working fine except for unable to nslookup from
Should I disable "Enable WAN down browser redirect notice"? Is that what you think is the issue?

I am using dual WAN with a failover, but currently connected to primary



I disabled the "WAN down browser redirect notice" and I can nslookup from again (out of bugged state) - however Im not sure if this fixed it, or if the WAN resets after making a router change
Will post back if problem reoccurs.
Thanks Dave!
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