Do I ever need to reformat JFFS?

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Lee MacMillan

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I didn't even know what JFFS was until I discovered this forum a year ago. And I wasn't aware of its status until I flashed Merlin a month or so ago on my 66U B1 which I have had for almost 3 years. I'm only using 5 of its 62.75MB and I have no idea what's stored there, obviously nothing that I have saved. The "Format JFFS partition at next boot" setting is disabled which I must be the default since I never changed it.

Since I am totally ignorant on the use or utility of JFFS, is it safe to assume that I don't need to do anything to it and let the firmware make those decisions for me?


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Just in case anyone using my fork hits this thread in a search...

The ARM based routers (including the AC66U_B1 with the USB3 port and fixed antenna) have a fixed jffs size and generally do not need to be reformatted unless directed.

The MIPS based routers (N16, N66U and original AC66U models) create jffs space out of a common space shared with the firmware, using what is left over after the firmware is loaded. Therefore loading new firmware on the MIPS routers can sometimes require a jffs reformat if the firmware has increased in size.

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