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Draytek 167 with Asus ax5400 on Sky Broadband

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New Around Here
Hi all,

first post here after lurking for a while, hope it's in the correct place.

Anyhow, as the title says, I have an Asus AX5400 router and really want to use it to replace the very poor performing SKY hub sr203.

I have tried using an Asus DSL N16 in bridge mode but had real issues with it not saving settings i.e. I would set it to bridge mode, hit save and it looked like it stuck but next time I loaded the menu page, it was back to Auto IP.

Now I am thinking about using a Draytek 167 in full bridge mode as the modem, anyone else done this, I assume its doable as my router will be doing all the option 61 stuff, yeah?

Any ideas appreciated


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