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Using Asus AX11000 w/ TPLink AX6600 as a stand alone access point for 2.4 only

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I have an Asus GT-AX11000 I use with my Asus laptop & phone only. Is it feasible to disable the 2.4 band in the Asus AX11000 and hardwire it via CAT 8 to a new TPLink AX6600 and use that as an access point for 2.4 only? My entire home has CAT 8 run to each room & the garage (minus the two bathrooms).

I'm want to put the TP unit about 50 feet away in the garage and will use it for the garage door, weather station & a few ham radio projects that will run perfectly on 2.4.

You have GT-AX11000 for 2 devices and purchased a new Archer AX90 for 2.4GHz only?

You must have at least 50-seater couch bus in the garage for your weekly grocery shopping.

You can connect the two routers, but I'm not sure your CAT 8 cable will be fast enough for N300.

Tim, are you serious?

I've had that TP Link for awhile. I didn't buy it exclusively for this purchase... hehe.

I agree the AX11000 was a bit overkill as I don't use my laptop for gaming and have it hooked up via Ethernet :)

N300... I remember the those days. I remember my first 300bps modem via dial up... ~1990 or so.
N300... I remember the those days.

This is what your AX90 is going to be on 2.4GHz for your devices.

In another thread you mention paying for 5Gbps symmetrical ISP.

Are you sure you stay clear from the accelerated particles in FermiLab? ☢️ 🤓
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Yeah... I can get up to 5gig now. At work we have 2 100Gbit lines...you should see how quick a blue ray movie can be downloaded...don't blink

Yeah . That TP Link will be just for the unworthy devices which don't deserve 5.4Ghz... lol
You can do whatever you want with your equipment. You have collected some expensive pieces with mostly unused capabilities.

Your phone obviously won't see 5Gbps so you are paying for this ISP line for one single wired device. Your ISP must be very happy.
Yeah... True. I do a lot of work (coding) on the side from home for the KDE/Plasma project for Linux as well as code for hire like for several commercial trucking companies my dad insures. I develop each companies driver logbook and work with databases. It's extra $$ for the toys and for the savings acct.
If you can afford the toys and they make you happy - no issues. Actually, I have the same "problem" with different toys. 🤫

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