DSL-AC68U upload speed cut in half with firmware (DSL v1.0.5.1.)

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Hello Gentlemen,

I have noticed after update from (DSL driver ) to (DSL the upload speed is cut in half. I have VDSL T-Mobile 100/10 VDSL2.
I tried version 386_38287, 386_38832, 386_39648 always with reset and clean settings.
There is faster downstream data rate achieve 100Mbps but upload speed is only 5Mbps although upstream data rate is 10Mbps. I did measuring via ASUSWRT, speedtest.net and fast.com. Constant 5Mbps.

Somebody with same issue?

Any help is highly appreciated.

Thanks / Václav


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I am not sure it applies to you since I have a different router/firmware than you but my download speed was limited by exactly half
I fixed it by turning off QOS.
[Adaptive QOS > QOS Tab > Enable QOS to "OFF"]

Screenshot_2020-11-10 ASUS Wireless Router RT-AX86U - EZQoS Bandwidth Management.png


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Thank you for your reply a I tried to turning off QOS and also I tried to change Upload Bandwidth from 10 Mb/s to 20 Mb/s but nothing change. Still upload is cut at 5Mb/s with 386 firmware and DSL v1.0.5.1. So I have to roll back to lasta 384 firmware.

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