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Everytime I type in into the browser address bar, it redirects to http://router.asus.com

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I have a GT AX6000 flashed with Asus-Merlin 3004.388.4_0_rog.

The whole reason why I'm having this issue is that I am trying to install Astrill onto the router. It's the main reason why I purchased the router in the first place.

So, I successfully installed Astrill onto the router using SSH.

But when I click on the Astrill VPN option on the left menu, it takes me to a blank page.

I looked the issue up on YouTube and found some tutorials regarding this issue:

It said that I needed to set the "redirect webui access to router.asus.com" option to "No", which was already the default.

But despite this, anytime I type into the address bar, it keeps redirecting me to http://router.asus.com

And therefore, I am unable to access the Astrill page. I'm not sure what to do. Has anyone encountered this issue before?

Some help would be amazing because I am completely stumped. I really just want to use my VPN on my router.

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