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General Wiring Setup for Home Network

Discussion in 'General Network Security' started by grazzt, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. grazzt

    grazzt Occasional Visitor

    Jan 1, 2011
    I am looking to upgrade my house network with more hardwiring. Thoughts on the general set up

    From Street:
    1. Cable from street to Modem: Move Modem down into the basement.
    2. Install a 24 port switch/rack to distribute to the house in Basement (http://a.co/edKflBB)
      1. Wireless Router (1st floor)
      2. Synology NAS (1st floor)
      3. TV (1st floor)
      4. Bedroom #1 Xbox
      5. Bedroom #1 Desktop/TV
      6. Bedroom #2 Desktop/TV
      7. Bedroom #3 Desktop/TV
      8. POE Camera 1
      9. POE Camera 2
      10. POE Camera 3
      11. POE Camera 4
      12. Future expansion
    I am just not sure if I am missing something. I would think the switch is the main hub to distribute to the house wall sockets.
  2. degrub

    degrub Very Senior Member

    Dec 21, 2015
    modem---router---switch---rest of house hardwire users including wireless access points or wireless routers in AP mode.

    If you need to isolate cameras, TVs, guests, etc from other users, consider getting a managed switch and wired router and wireless router/APs that support vlans. This will allow you to segment the network and isolate classes of devices/users for security and traffic. There are good tutorials on the site that explain how and why. You don't have to do this and if you decide not to, just get a recent unmanaged Gbit switch.