GT-AX11000 not achieving 1gb Wan speed with QOS off

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Any tips? I'm getting around 700 Mbps download on my router, I've turned off QOS, i've got a support ticket logged with Asus so may be able to add to this thread later, are there any nvram switches I can use to turn off more services to enable the correct throughput? I'm running the latest merlin firmware, and using the 2.5 Gb port
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Update, I'm now getting speeds within expected measures having turned off Qos AND AiProtection, so happy days!



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I'm all happy now, but I wish they would add this information into their documentation
Glad to hear it, and I agree. Took some trial and error to realize that high speeds were not quite achievable with the Trend Micro dpi on. It makes sense in hindsight, but would have been nice to know without testing.

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