GT-AX11000 & RT-AX92U 5GHz-1 Channel Issue


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First time posting, but have read this board often! It's a wealth of information and very helpful.

I have a GT-AX11000 (primary), and 2 RT-AX92Us. The AX11000 is the primary running in AP mode, and the AX92Us are spread out with ethernet backhaul configured. They are running the beta firmware (, but initially were setup with the latest public firmware, same issue experienced on both firmware.

My problem is 5GHz-1. On the AX11000, I can set the channel to anything above 36 and it sets it correctly (confirmed via Wifi Analyzer app)

However, the 2 nodes never move off of 36. I even went as far as testing all channels, and the nodes stay on 36 regardless.

Changing 2.4 & 5GHz-2 channels do move accordingly, but 5GHz-1 will not.

The wireless logs do not show any DFS issues.

Any suggestions on what could be happening?


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Yes, that was the case even on first AiMesh.
A node 5GHz radio will follow second 5GHz radio of a 3 band node. That if node is 2 band model. A 3 band model node will follow both 5GHz channels.
I know it's not intuitive! In AiMesh 1 the second 5GHz radio could not be even a part of SmartConnect, so there wasceven less optimal than in AiMesh 2.
I think I asked the question some time ago, but I believe it got lost in another context (long story here...).
Fast roaming do takes place so it's not a real annoyance for me.

Feel free to open a ticket and ask that specific question. Maybe you will receive an explanation worth sharing.

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