Guest network (IoT) and network time

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I have an RT-AX86U running Asuswrt-Merlin as my primary router, with a few other mesh routers. I created a 2.4G Guest network (index 1 to allow on AiMesh Nodes) for my IoT devices (like cameras), predominately due to threads that suggest to keep these devices separate. While I can access these devices over the internet, I've noticed that the times and dates are way off. The only way that I could correct this, was to enable the "Access Intranet" setting on the guest network. Doesn't this setting negate the separation of the networks and should be disabled? My assumption is that enabling this setting is no different than having those devices on the same network as all of my other wireless clients. If I disable it, how can I get my cameras to be able to sync time with the router?

I briefly tried YazFi, but had some trouble getting it to work for my devices. I turned it off for now, since I'm not familiar enough with it yet to be comfortable. I don't think that it supports having the guest network on AiMesh nodes yet and I have a few nodes for those devices outside on the edge of my property. It also changed the IP range from what the AX86U had given those guests, so I had devices not visible, etc.


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A fix for NTP redirection in Guest Network is coming with next Asuswrt-Merlin release:



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More about the issue here with some workarounds:


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