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Help with some routing/filtering configuration for CUPS printers in Debian linux

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I have an RT-AX88U as the main router connected to the internet, it has 2 printers (Brother Laser and Epson color) both connected via Ethernet cable directly to the AX88U. I have a Linux laptop running Debian 12, when I connect the Linux laptop directly via wifi to the AX88U the two printers will be auto discovered by Linux using via CUPS driverless, everything works fine. The network here is /

As part of a Home lab I am building, I have connected an RT-AX86U (WAN port) via ethernet cable to the RT-AX88U (Ethernet port), in Router mode (part of the lab objective), The network here is / Because of the Routing and the laptop and the printers being now on separate networks, I am having some issues with the Auto Discovery of the printers, I am outside the Broadcast area, printers are broadcasting some protocol, I don't know which one, in the 50 network, therefore they are not seen in the 100 network.

Is there a configuration (that doesn't mean setting up the AX86U as a Bridge, the purpose of the lab is to have to networks) that I can setup in the AX86U that will allow me the printers to be auto discover on the local network of the AX86? I know I can connect the laptop to the AX88U wifi network when printing, but that's not the purpose of the lab.

Thank you

NOTE: AX88U running Asus FW, AX86U running Merlin FW
You could try to run a /jffs/scripts/avahi-daemon.postconf to include:
pc_append " " "$CONFIG"
pc_append "[reflector]" "$CONFIG"
pc_append "enable-reflector=yes" "$CONFIG"

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