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How to set upstream DNS but force clients to use the router for DNS?

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I'm a little confused by the DNS settings in the LAN - DHCP Server section of the GUI configuration.

I have set "DNS Server 1" to and "DNS Server 2" to and I have set "Advertise router's IP in addition to user-specified DNS" to yes.

When clients use DHCP to get their address etc. they get given all three of the above DNS Server addresses, i.e. using nmcli to check the configuration on a client I see:-

DNS configuration:
        domains: zbmc.eu
        interface: wlp4s0

This is surely wrong (or at least not what I want), I want the clients on my LAN to use only for their DNS as otherwise they may not get valid responses for local addresses.

How should things be set up to get the result I want?

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