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Internet problems after disconnecting wireguard - samsung tv - Xbox app - TUF-AX5400

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I have a new Samsung tv with the xbox app that allows you to play gamepass games directly on the tv, however i live in an unsupported country so i use proton free vpn with a wireguard connection on the asus router with vpnfusion to a server in the Netherlands.
This works fine and i can play games on the xbox app. However when i disconnect the wireguard connection on the router and go back to the other apps on the tv, many of them don't work anymore.
Netflix, amazon prime, youtube all have problems, specially prime just shows a black screen. I guess this has something to do with a cache somewhere

The only thing that helps is too restart the router. I checked the log for wireguard messages but nothing in there.

My setup : Asus TUF-AX5400 , Samsung QN85B , Thanks for any help !

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