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Internet / Wifi to outbuilding

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Hi guys,

I have an outbuilding (summer house) thats 40-50M away from the main house and although there is a Unifi AC pro about 40M away from it in an extension thats attached to the rear of the house, the wifi isnt great.

With that in mind, to get good wifi in the summer house (and beyond to a barn/outdoor area behind the summer house) would these be suitable?


I have clear line of sight from the corner of the house to the summer house, but not to the barn/outdoor area, as this sits a little lower and is tucked away.

Budget is around £200 ish

Thanks for any pointers/advice.

At those distances, I would be looking at 2.4GHz band offerings instead.

Yes i sis contemplate running a cable, however, the terrain and cost would far out weigh the amount it would be for a ptp set up.

So, any reason why 2.4 is preferred with that distance?


The pre configured cost for the 2.4 version is only a couple of pounds cheaper so thinking i'm it would be worth going with the first kit i linked to.

There is no comparable review for the more fragile 5GHz band.


But 4 miles with a steady connection would get my vote for now. :)
Ah yes, looks like the 2.4 should be fine!

At the moment, i have a TS8Pro switch at the transmit end, that i will use to power the unit.

I take it that, if i use an injector at the receiving end, i can use a standard poe+ switch, that i can then use to power the nano receiver, and an outdoor AP of some sort?
@jason6930 - If you want more than a few-hundred Mb/s to the summerhouse, you may want to look beyond typical 2.4/5Ghz to 24 or 60Ghz gear. The main benefit there is much wider link speed capability and virtually no 802.11 co-interference, actually not much microwave interference at all, since atmosphere itself starts to absorb signal. As such high frequencies, though, you want really clean line-of-sight, preferably above the highest vehicle or other ground objects, 14-18+ feet of altitude if you can.

That would probably be a good fit for at least your house to the summer house; maybe from summer house to the barn/outdoor area, assuming you can rig up a clean-enough eye shot.

Mikrotik Wireless Wire or Wireless Wire Dish are some examples. Both IP-rated for outdoor mounting. I'm doing my first install later this month for a client; all tests have gone really well thus far.
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