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IoT and overall network performance

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Currently I have an Asus ax88u running my entire network and usually have about 45 devices connected to it. Most of the connections on on wifi and are IoT devices like Kasa light switches and lights and ring doorbells and smart thermostat. I have another Asus router AC3100 that i am not currently using. If I were to setup a lan to wan on the second router and move my IoT devices to the second router would that make my primary network more secure and improve overall performance for streaming etc as there would be less wireless traffic on the main router?

More secure? No. But it would not hurt. To make it more secure it would make sense to set up a guest WIFI for the IoT clients with a separate SSID. You can do this with the AX88U and isolate the IoT clients on their own LAN subnet isolated from the main LAN. Not too sure how the AC3100 would work as an AiMesh node.
Yes, it would be more secure. Be sure you use a different subnet ( main, and for the IoT devices). Also, be sure you use different Control Channels between the two routers on each respective band.

The RT-AC3100 had the most impressive range (back when I cared about that) of all the routers I had tested back then. If all your IoT devices are using the 2.4GHz band, it will be well worth employing it.

And, as you indicated, be sure you set the RT-AC3100 in a double NAT operation. With the WAN Port of the AC3100 plugged into a LAN port of the RT-AX88U.

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