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IoT Wired Hubs No Longer Connecting

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RT-AX88U with RT-AX86U Pro as AIMesh node, both with latest Merlin FW. Since the power was switched off earlier today for a guy to install some smart meters, none of my wired hubs (Arlo, Hue, Hive, Netatmo) are connecting. Weirdly, my other wired devices (PC, Sonos, NAS, Shield) are still correctly connecting. I've tried downgrading the FW, reboots and reassigning the DNS to no avail. I've also tried connecting the hubs directly to the main router via various ports (they're usually connected via a switch). Occasionally, the hubs will briefly reappear in the wired client list. The hubs themselves still aren't connecting to the internet during this time, and they drop off of the list after a minute or so. I'd appreciate any suggestions.
I guess you've already tried turning them back on in a top-down order trick that sometimes works.
And where do you get a wired Netatmo Hub, if there's one brand of device that has caused me major headaches!!!!!
Crimliar: Indeed. The Netatmo hub is for my weather station, and has curiously come back online since my previous post. The others (Hue, Hive, Arlo) remain offline.

degrub: The Hue has a reserved address, the others are dynamic.

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