Is it possible to detect any present WiFi devices (e.g an Android smartphone), even if those devices are not connected to my WiFi?


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I want to create an application that detects whenever my Android smartphone is within WiFi range. I want to be able to detect that the phone is present, even before the phone connects to the WiFi. Is this possible?

I was hoping I could use my router for this (FWIW it's an Asus with Merlin installed) but probably this question is a broader one; is this even possible to do (with any router)?


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Sure, you can do it. But it will immensely interfere with your normal router Wi-Fi duties.

Just like running a Wi-Fi 'app' on a laptop seriously degrades the Wi-Fi performance of the laptop, it will effectively shut down the much lessor-powered router (no matter which Asus model you have).
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