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Issues with GT AX 11000 ROG Rapture

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New Around Here
So I have an Asus AX 11000 Router, and recently upgraded to Virgin Media (UK/ 1 GIG package) with the HUB4 in modem only mode. Over Ethernet I get around 770-940Mbps which is ok. I have an AX92U node running in AiMesh for a problem spot towards the rear of the house. My old EE copper Internet use to give me 67Mbps consistently throughout the house at all times with a strong wifi signal (-42Dbm).

Since upgrading though, It seems the router isn't giving me the power I thought it had! I've got a feeling it is settings based like many others have experienced here, but wouldn't really know what to tinker with with my knowledge level, without destroying everything. I have around 22 devices to connected to the router (Which was fine with the old ISP).

I'm getting anything between 130-220 Mbps through wifi devices (speed tested on multiple phones). I utilize all 3 bands, 2.4ghz for doorbell and older devices, 1 5ghz band for family and devices and 1 5ghz band for myself because well, no one else knows lol. The signal strength has dropped to -46Dbm when standing right next to the router, and around -55-60dbm in areas where it always use to be less then -55?!

The latest firmware is installed on both Routers. I'm Kind of hoping someone here has the magic fix. I contacted a few wifi specialist companies, but unfortuneatly they don't really want to deal with these kinds of things as they prefer off loading ubiquiti systems to customers!

Any advice would be appreciated!
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