iVMS-4200 storage server can not see HDD


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First let me say that I can manually record to my HDD with the iVMS-4200 client software both still pictures as well as video, but when I try to set things up for auto record during motion detect it won't record even though it does indicate it detects motion.

I read where you have to set up the iVMS-4200 storage server and "format" (set aside) space on your HDD for that to work, but when I add the storage server, and go to "remote configuration" and then click on Storage->General, to select the HDD, it does not list any HDD at all.

I have searched the web for help but have not yet found any solution as to why my HDD is not showing up there.

Any and all ideas of what to check is appreciated !

(added note: on another earlier thread elsewhere on the forum I got help as far as getting a remote view on my windows phone of my ip cam, and I'll see about adding a tips post to that thread when I get time after figuring this other tech stuff out :))

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