Beta Lyra MAP-AC2200 AiMesh 2.0 Beta?


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I see you now support the GT AX11000 (My main router). Is there any benefit to having nodes run your firmware as well? I have two AX92Us as nodes but see they still aren't supported yet.
No, AIMesh is a closed source component, so it should behave identical to stock firmware. The only benefit there I see, is that amtm comes installed, so you're able to run scripts on the node if you want. Other than that, there will be no improvement performance wise.

And will you be supporting the AX92U in the future?


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I've been waiting forever for the 386 base for Lyra voice (have two of them). Am going to try the link provided heretoday. Hopefully, Asus will release fully supported version soon (same goes with RT-AC5300 - i only see a beta version for this).


I have been waiting very patiently for someone to release a 386 fw for the Lyra Voice. I have a main router/ 2 nodes / and when I bind a device to a specific node/ the lyra voice connects to it because under the current FW, binding is not supported. So the lyra just grabs devices already bound to other nodes.

If anyone can upload a 386 fw for the lyra voice, I will give you a big hug and a sloppy kiss. And possible nudes. jk. PLEASE SOMEONE


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Can someone share `MAP-AC1750_9.0.0.4_386_41615-g7c2264e.trx`? @ligeza Maybe you can upload files to another server, Filebin is unavailable.


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Has anyone seen or heard of new firmware betas for Lyra Mini (or rest of Lyra family) that might include e.g. FragAttack fix? Seems it has gone very quiet on them since the beta firmware was posted on back in January.


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so as the CT8 is almost identical to the Asus Lyra maybe there is also a chance for a new soft for MAP-AC2200 ...

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