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Mac Mini WiFi dropouts

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I have a new Mac Mini and am experiencing the infamous internet connection dropouts on my ASUS RT-AX86U flashed to 388.1 running 5GHz.
The 2.5GHz connection is solid.
The issue seems to be connected to the ASUS router seeing that I have an AT&T Fiber gateway (Humax) BGW320-500 that maintains a consistent 5GHz connection.

The AT&T gateway is configured in passthrough mode so I can make the ASUS the main wifi router in the house. It's just better.

The speed on my ASUS 5GHz band varies from 249mbps to 1700+ mbps. (using WiFi Signal app)
The Mac Mini seems to maintain the wifi connection, but there is not an internet connection.

I have the AT&T wifi turned on and it runs on a different network.
If I experience a dropout on the ASUS, I can switch over to the AT&T gateway and everything immediately runs perfect.

All other connected devices work fine with the ASUS . . . just not the Mac Mini.
I am open to suggestions on how to fix the ASUS connection to the Mac Mini.
The OS is OSX Ventura 13.2


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It's a known issue with the M2 mini's on MacOS 13.2...

M1 and Intel mini's are not affected by the issue.

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