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Merlin AX86U&AX68 Mesh & Google Nest Hub Gen2

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New Around Here
Hi all.. All the best in 2023!
I've been having an issue with Nest Hub 2 connectivity that has been driving me nuts since I bought this device. Maybe some of you might have some tips on what to do..

My setup is the following:
Primary router AX86U - running Merlin 388.1
AI Mesh node AX68u - also running the latest Merlin FW
Smart Connect disabled (separate 2.4 and 5Ghz networks)

Approx 25 clients constantly connected without any issues - 5 cameras, smart doorbell, tv, projector, dishwasher, 3-4 smartphones, 2 tablets, TVs, google nest mini speakers, Chromecast, smart sweeper...
The only device I am having an issue with is a Google Nest Hub 2nd gen.

When I just got this device, I went through the setup (wifi and all) and it was successfully added to the Google Home app. After a few months, Nest hub started losing network connection and every time I struggled to get it back online.
The issue is that Hub doesn't see my Wifi networks (2.4 and 5) but finds other networks in my building (it even finds one from my neighbor on the 1st floor and I am on 4th). I tried moving HUB around my apartment and repeating all steps but without any success. I also tried resetting both of my routers (multiple times) and performing multiple factory resets - no success.

The only solution that I found to get it back online is to create a guest network. The moment the guest network is active, Google Nest HUB starts seeing the guest network but it also finds my home 2.4 network.
Then I can pick my home network and complete the setup. From that point, I can immediately disable the guest network and the Nest hub will continue to stay connected.
This connection might last for weeks and sometimes it drops after a couple of hours. Then I have to repeat all the steps to get it back online - it's super irritating.

Any idea what kind of change does guest network introduce that might also "wake up" the home network?
As said, all other devices in my apartment work without any issues.

I appreciate your thoughts.

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