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Hi everyone, Im looking for a little advice on what im best doing going forward. I have networked for a while now but only at a basic level.

So my current setup is Modem > Asus 5300> ethernet plugs> Pc.
My router is at the front of the house where the Openreach socket is. I cannot ethernet from router to pc as I'm in a semi detached and pc is in the conservatory, both on the wall I'm adjoined too. because of the conservatory and the other two rooms i have 2 walls between the router and pc wifi if i was to use that.

i have found that the homeplugs were ok ( Aztech Solwise 1200AV), i was getting 55meg coming into the house and about the same at my PC. I managed to get a free ZTLink modem and this has improved my speed to about 75meg. I haven't changed anything networking wise and i am now getting about 25/30meg at pc plus struggling to stream videos from my pc to shield. (shield connected to a 3rd homeplug).

SOOOOO..... I may be getting a little bit too excited early but i found a article saying my village i live in could should be getting FTTP in 3 months, so now i want to know, would i be best in buying a mid priced mesh system (trying to be as cost effective as possible but still stream 4k from pc)
OR, as i already have a asus router, keep this and buy a cheaper 2nd hand AIMesh router and use like a access point to my pcs ethernet?

thanks in advance.

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