Need help configuring Traditional QoS

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Hello, I've got an RT-AC86U and I need help configuring Traditional QoS.

From what I can see in the "User-defined priorities" panel, ICMP has the highest priority. In other words, even if I'm using 100% of my download bandwidth, ICMP packets should not be delayed.

I assume that, for QoS to work correctly, my bandwidth must be configured properly, so that's probably my problem.

First, I'm not sure of what to put in "WAN packet overhead". I have an ADSL modem with the following settings (they are not in English but I think you get the gist of it):

Also, I configured my bandwidth according to the values I get on The server I'm using is inside my ISP so I'm sure my values are correct. But if I use those values, it's as if QoS didn't work at all. If I make the values lower, it works well (no ICMP lag) but I my already meager bandwidth is lowered.

As an example, what I get on is 14.6 or so. If I put that, QoS doesn't work. If I put 12 instead, ICMP doesn't lag, but instead of downloading at 1.8 MB/s, I download at 1.5 MB/s. A small absolute difference, but a big relative difference.

So I'm wondering if the "WAN packet overhead" option is the key, or perhaps I'm doing something wrong...

Thanks for your input!
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