Need your help and guidance how to proper setup the two RT-AC68U routers to work in AP mode

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Hi all,

Since I’m having problems with my AiMesh system where the AiMesh node connected via Wi-Fi as backhaul drops from time to time (here). I want to test AP mode before I decide that is a hardware problem and buy a new one, maybe a different brand or a different solution.

So, I need your help and guidance how to proper setup the two RT-AC68U routers to work in AP mode. If anyone can point me for some reading it will be nice.

My first question is for the Main router that will be connected to the internet provider:

Should thw Main router be setup as: Wireless router mode / AiMesh Router mode (Default) or Access Point(AP) mode / AiMesh Router in AP mode ?


Second question:

Does the Second router that will working in AP Mode, needs to be connect by Ehternet cable to the main router or it will work on Wi-Fi also?



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1 Yes
2 No must be wired.

For the AiMesh to work reliabily on WIFI make sure you use fixed channels and bandwidth. No DFS channels. I have an AC68U mesh node from an AC66U_B1 root router on WIFI that has been connected for over a month.
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1. Wireless router mode / AiMesh Router mode (Default)

2. Ethernet cable. To connect it to the main router by WiFi you would have to use Repeater mode instead.

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