Netgear as wireless bridge with ASUSRT-AX3000

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Hey all.

I replaced a(rather capable) Netgear 7500v2 with an ASUS RT-AX3000 to upgrade capabilities. I’m running Merlin 386.1beta5. I’d like to use the Netgear to expand the local net for better wi-fi coverage. How will this affect the ASUS router in terms of wi-fi capability and services on the ASUS router? I’m currently running, in addition to wi-fi and routing through a Verizon FIOS router:

Openvpn server
Openvpn client
YazFi for guest wi-fi

ANY comments welcome. TIA,


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You really should flash the 386.1_0 release final today. :)

How will you be connecting it? Wired or wirelessly?

If wirelessly, it will drag the entire network down to half its throughput when the NG is being used.

If wired, it may cause issues with some clients when you're roaming in the home.

If wired is a possibility, consider using the NG as a wired router only (turn off the radios), and locate the RT-AX3000 in as centrally a location as possible (in AiMesh Router in AP mode). This should give you the best of all worlds.

ASUS Wireless Router RT-AX95Q - Operation Mode

Repeater mode = wireless AiMesh


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Thanks, points taken. Would be using as a wireless repeater. If I intend to only repeat the 2.5 ghz signal would that pull other wi-fi down, or only the 2.5GHz?


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Should only be the 2.5GHz band, but we've seen things here we can't explain though too. ;)

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