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Good day to everyone on the SmallNetBuilder forums.

My name is Neil and I'll be a representative on the newly created NETGEAR wireless router forums.

Please post any questions regarding technical issues, product information and specifications and I'll be happy to help.

Look forward to working with you and see you there!



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Indeed, this is good news that a manufacturer representative is here to provide technical support! Welcome!

(I will ask a question regarding my EX7000 in a separate thread later.)


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Good to see you. I'm a big Netgear user. Helpful information direct from the company is going to be good. I'd really like to see you also use this forum as indirect product research. So much is on the cusp of big change. Netgear is in the position to actually build some of the devices that will evolve. For example, file servers that host VMs with decent horsepower are just entering the mainstream. Easy and effective home UTM is a puzzle to be cracked. Flexible and secure VPN (passthrough and network connect) in the router are not 'out there' anymore.
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