Netgear R8000 failed flash


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I have a Netgear R8000 which I wanted to flash from Koolshare back to stock Netgear. I followed the instructions, flash went through, it seemed to work. Then I made router reset to default values and since then it's dead - no ping, no lan, no wifi. When the router is powered on, only the power led is blinking with amber color.

I tried to recover it using serial connection. The usb ttl uart is connected as per instructions, but when I power on the router, all leds are on with solid colors and I see no output in Putty window.
When I disconnect the GND from the serial connector, the Putty still shows nothing, but at least the routers ends blinking amber power led.
I tried reversing the RX/TX cables, no change in behavior. The usb uart ttl works with other devices for sure.

Any idea, what's wrong and I don't see nothing in Putty window?

Thanks in advance!

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