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Network spikes with RT-AX86U Pro And Remoteplay

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New Around Here

I recently upgraded from my old edge router x+ubiquiti AP to an RT-AX86U Pro, and now i'm getting very bad lag spikes when using steam remoteplay to my NVIDIA Shield. With my previous setup it worked fine, both wired & wireless, but since i upgraded to the Asus router i'm getting this horrible lag spikes. I turned the steam performance overlay and it's the light blue line spiking (network). Tried a few things:

- All sort of configurations for encoding in both the host/client steam
- Direct Connection On/off
- QoS On/off
- Wired Ethernet / Wireless
- Alternative host/client software (sunshine+moonlight)
- GPU Drivers

Nothing. The lag spikes are unaffected. At this point i'm pretty sure the problem it's the router but couldn't manage to fix the problem. The stange part it's that i'm only seeing this lag spikes when using local gamestreaming, for regular internet usage (included online gaming) the router seems to works perfectly.

Firmware version:
try to install last Merlin 388.4 and verify performances. Then give a try to CakeQos/FlexQos (with right settings).

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