Novitec Wifi Booster

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Disclaimer: I do not think this thing works. Nor do I buy the hype.

A friend asked me about this device. I explained that speed capping happens at the modem side of the router (for cable internet at least) - How does this company advertise that it increases speed when that is basically impossible.

Shoot holes in it please. :)



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In the same breath and the very next sentence, it also says "It’s 100% legal and gives you the internet speed that you actually pay for!".

So much for that claim. :)

This is just an AC powered repeater that may be better than a handheld device at the farthest reaches of the main router.

It will still cut the throughput in half, just like any other repeater that uses the same radio to connect to the main router and 'extend' to the client devices will do.

Repeater mode = wireless AiMesh

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