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I am making the leap from my trusty AC68 running 380.68_4 to add more nodes, get better coverage on the fringes move to one SSID.
I currently have 2 separate 2.4 and 5g bands with different SSID for each.

I have a lot of google devices and they are all on the 2.4 SSID band and switching devices back from 5.0 to 2.4 bands to cast to these devices is troublesome.

I have bought a new AX86U, AC86U and 2 AC68 routers.
My head is hurting from all the reading I am doing. I guess i connect the AX86 and the main router and have the AC86U as a node in AIMESH mode and enable SmartConnect for both? The SSID name and pw would be the same for each band?

Then I add the 2 AC68 as AIMESH nodes as well? or AP ? and they also have the same SSID name and pw for both bands? I would likely put those nodes on the outside of my house for pool and front driveway coverage.

edit.. I will wire all devices together.

thanks haeffnkr
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Congratulations on the upgrade!

Recommendations for AX86U WIFI settings:

Flash Merlin 386.2_6 on the AX86U. The AC nodes can run Merlin or Asus but all Merlin may be better.
Use Dual Band Smart Connect
2.4 GHz on channel 1, 6 or 11 at 20 MHZ
5 GHz on channel 36 to 44 at 160 MHz
Authentication Method WPA2 (your AC nodes will not like WPA3)
802.11ax / Wi-Fi 6 mode Enable
WPS Enabled
Professional settings you can leave at Default but you may want to disable Universal Beamforming.

Once the AX86U is set up factory reset the nodes and add them as AiMesh. The above settings will work between the AX86U and the AC86U as I have tested them.AM prettu sure the AC68U nodes will behave but it is possible they will not like the same SSID. Test it out and let us know how it works.

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