OpenVPN Server and Client: connect from WAN

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Hi, I have an RT-AC86U running 384.18. I am successfully running an OpenVPN server on the router, and also an OpenVPN client on the router, with Policy Rules so that only 1 PC on the LAN goes via the OpenVPN client interface (Policy Rules Strict used), with all other devices on the LAN using the ISP interface. When I connect from the WAN to the OpenVPN server, I can access devices on the LAN that are set to use the ISP interface. But I can't access the PC that is set to use the OpenVPN client interface. I am thinking I either need to set up a static route or use some iptables rules, so when the PC that uses the VPN client gets a packet from the IP range used by the OpenVPN server, it doesn't use the OpenVPN client interface but instead the OpenVPN server. If anyone could explain how to do this (or even if it is possible) it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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If I recall correctly, I think you should use "Policy Rules" iso "Policy Rules Strict" (if it works for you, credit goes to @Jack Yaz)



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OMG that works like a charm! So elegant. Many thanks, I have been reading so many posts about static routes and iptables! Thank you very much.

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