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Connect OpenVPN server with Client networks

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The Main router is connected via OpenVPN clients to two other routers: One and Five. I can access all the devices on all three networks from my computer seamlessly.

When I am outside, and I connect a phone to my Main OpenVPN server, I can access only its own LAN. To access other two LAN-s, I must connect separately to their own servers. Works just fine, but I do not like it. I do have two workarounds, but not acceptable.

I do not want One and Five to be able to access the Main LAN. Each server and client have unique CN, and use Tun UDP4.

One has and an OpenVPN server port 1197
Main has and an OpenVPN server port 1199
Five has and an OpenVPN server: port 1195

After three days of reading and trying whenever I had time, I managed to achieve this! This morning I restarted the Main firewall - all was gone! Meaning, I accidentally combined two pieces of information to make it work. The first piece of the puzzle I can not comment - some firwall rule I typed to the console.

The second piece was using "Manage Client-Specific Options" and listing the other two nets with Push. Just as if connecting several clients on the same server! That was working the same as just: "Manage Client-Specific Options" "No" and these two lines added to the "Custom Configuration" from OpenVPN docs

push "route"
push "route"

Apparantly, some firewall rule I entered while trying out was crucial! Most likely restarting the firewall on my main router broke things. It may get complicated by all three AC68 / AC66_B1 routers using Merlin v380.70.

I would really appreciate help as it drove me crazy today!
Your three networks are at high risk by running that obsolete firmware.
Thanks for your unrelated answer, but I am not interested in teoretical advantages of new firmware with new security issues. I have multiple networks connected 24/7 for the last 25+ years with 0 problems with my programs monitoring and maintaining them. They are apparently secured well enough. So, I stick with what works.
Well, you're welcome.

But the advantages are hardly theoretical. Nor unrelated.

You do you.

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