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Ping issue with Connmon monitoring tool

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Here are my settings.


I found a strange issue where the ping ms values inexplicably spike between 00:00 AM and 1:00 AM at night.


If the time period in the following chart is changed to 7 days, a regular pattern of abnormal ping values occurring at the same time every night will be observed.


Does anyone have a similar behavior?
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So, you'll often see these spikes when the connection is busy. So I get these spikes every night between 4 AM and 6 AM

And the reason for the spikes here is that I run spdmerlin between these hours to set the thresholds for QOS - should I need to enable it!
I have checked the whole-day statistics chart of vnStat, and I cannot explain the correlation between pppoe traffic?




vnStat statistics chart shows that there is internet traffic throughout the day, but spikes only occur between 00:00 and 01:00? It happens regularly every night...
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This article resolved a long-standing issue for me.

Although I don't fully understand the underlying principles, I speculate that the built-in functionality may fail to trim database files with data exceeding 60 minutes daily. This process seems to have led to performance issues, affecting both network efficiency and responsiveness. I appreciate Martinski who provided a script that successfully helped slim down my router's database. After running the script around 5:00 PM, I noticed that the network latency issues disappeared between 12:00 AM and 1:00 AM. I am genuinely pleased with the outcome.


I'm quite satisfied with the size after the trim, though I'm not sure if there are any lingering effects or lost functionalities. I'll just observe for a while and see if there are any changes..

admins@GT-AX6000-0FC8:/jffs/scripts# find / -name '*.db' -exec du -h {} \;
68.0K   /jffs/.sys/nc/nt_db.db
20.0K   /tmp/.diag/stainfo.db
80.0K   /tmp/.diag/eth_detect.db
80.0K   /tmp/.diag/net_detect.db
20.0K   /tmp/.diag/channel_change.db
20.0K   /tmp/.diag/wifi_dfs.db
168.0K  /tmp/.diag/wifi_detect.db
64.0K   /tmp/.diag/sys_detect.db
28.0K   /tmp/.diag/wifi_setting.db
20.0K   /tmp/.diag/sys_setting.db
20.0K   /tmp/.diag/port_status_usb_change.db
160.0K  /tmp/.diag/port_status_change.db
72.0K   /tmp/db/visdata.db
740.0K  /tmp/mnt/usbkey/entware/var/lib/vnstat/vnstat.db
28.0K   /tmp/mnt/usbkey/entware/var/lib/unbound/unbound_log.db
52.0K   /tmp/mnt/usbkey/entware/var/lib/unbound/unbound_stats.db
259.8M  /tmp/mnt/usbkey/entware/share/uiDivStats.d/dnsqueries.db
1.6M    /tmp/mnt/usbkey/entware/share/connmon.d/connstats.db
492.0K  /tmp/mnt/usbkey/entware/share/ntpmerlin.d/ntpdstats.db
404.0K  /tmp/mnt/usbkey/.minidlna/files.db

Furthermore, I also checked if the router has large log files, and it appears that there are no abnormalities.

admins@GT-AX6000-0FC8:/jffs/scripts# find / -name '*.log' -exec du -h {} \;
188.0K  /jffs/.sys/cfg_mnt/cfg_dbg.log
4.0K    /jffs/s46.log
76.0K   /jffs/asd.log
0       /jffs/syslog.log
8.0K    /jffs/HTTPD_FB_DEBUG.log
16.0K   /jffs/usericon/000C2962666C.log
16.0K   /jffs/usericon/000C29626680.log
16.0K   /jffs/usericon/8434973911C0.log
8.0K    /jffs/usericon/CE6EEF87376D.log
16.0K   /jffs/usericon/000EA92D1699.log
8.0K    /jffs/usericon/AA90EA8A415E.log
8.0K    /jffs/usericon/105A17E0F9B0.log
4.0K    /jffs/usericon/8A3B8CEF75C2.log
16.0K   /jffs/usericon/70665594439C.log
8.0K    /jffs/usericon/426D2021FAEC.log
8.0K    /jffs/usericon/0027649E2109.log
8.0K    /jffs/usericon/105A17E48FFA.log
8.0K    /jffs/usericon/020000120201.log
16.0K   /jffs/usericon/788B2AA70F07.log
8.0K    /jffs/usericon/082E5FE4DA90.log
16.0K   /jffs/usericon/244BFE0AE4B8.log
8.0K    /jffs/usericon/000C29C252EB.log
8.0K    /jffs/usericon/1C90FFE73824.log
12.0K   /jffs/usericon/7C49EB250D12.log
8.0K    /jffs/usericon/DC4F229DCED9.log
16.0K   /jffs/usericon/A8A15963B4FD.log
28.0K   /jffs/usericon/9CC7D17A5EFB.log
8.0K    /jffs/usericon/A270701C06D3.log
28.0K   /jffs/usericon/000C29E70C05.log
8.0K    /jffs/usericon/A4AE111E37B2.log
16.0K   /jffs/usericon/001132A2E110.log
16.0K   /jffs/usericon/8851FBAFBDE0.log
8.0K    /jffs/usericon/C4346B3A0BF0.log
16.0K   /jffs/usericon/94F827664E22.log
16.0K   /jffs/usericon/FC34978AEA18.log
28.0K   /jffs/usericon/000C29E70C19.log
28.0K   /jffs/usericon/000C29E70C0F.log
8.0K    /jffs/usericon/105A17E3BC66.log
12.0K   /jffs/usericon/020000071301.log
16.0K   /jffs/usericon/F02F748F9380.log
16.0K   /jffs/usericon/80EE7300C91D.log
16.0K   /jffs/usericon/FC349752D170.log
8.0K    /jffs/usericon/1C90FFE743A6.log
16.0K   /jffs/usericon/A8A159577C62.log
16.0K   /jffs/usericon/6490C141D7E4.log
12.0K   /jffs/usericon/000C29111483.log
12.0K   /jffs/usericon/1C7D224E3D3B.log
8.0K    /jffs/usericon/105A17E56360.log
20.0K   /jffs/usericon/9CC7D1558A75.log
16.0K   /jffs/usericon/A85E45DC8D38.log
12.0K   /jffs/usericon/E4AAEC5741DE.log
8.0K    /jffs/usericon/C44F33A905C2.log
16.0K   /jffs/usericon/B8AC6FC531E3.log
8.0K    /jffs/usericon/C44F33A68985.log
16.0K   /jffs/usericon/F02F74FD6510.log
16.0K   /jffs/usericon/AA5CCF43D501.log
8.0K    /jffs/usericon/5213B655BB89.log
16.0K   /jffs/usericon/000C29626676.log
4.0K    /jffs/addons/wicens/wicens_email.log
find: ‘/proc/3010’: No such file or directory
4.0K    /tmp/usb.log
24.0K   /tmp/ce0.log
4.0K    /tmp/webs_upgrade.log
52.0K   /tmp/asusdebuglog/cfg_abl.log
0       /tmp/syslog.log
33.0M   /tmp/mnt/usbkey/entware/var/log/dnsmasq.log
36.0K   /tmp/mnt/usbkey/entware/var/log/syslog-ng.log
44.0K   /tmp/mnt/usbkey/entware/var/log/logrotate.log
2.0M    /tmp/mnt/usbkey/entware/var/log/skynet-0.log
176.0K  /tmp/mnt/usbkey/entware/var/log/wlceventd.log
40.0K   /tmp/mnt/usbkey/entware/var/log/ntp.log
4.0K    /tmp/mnt/usbkey/entware/var/spool/ntp/ntp.log
612.0K  /tmp/mnt/usbkey/entware/var/lib/unbound/unbound.log
4.0K    /tmp/mnt/usbkey/entware/share/diversion/log/Update-blocking-list.log
12.0K   /tmp/mnt/usbkey/entware/share/diversion/log/Diversion-install.log
4.0K    /tmp/mnt/usbkey/entware/share/diversion/log/stats.div.log
4.0K    /tmp/mnt/usbkey/skynet/events.log
9.7M    /tmp/mnt/usbkey/skynet/skynet.log
1.1M    /tmp/mnt/usbkey/.minidlna/minidlna.log
0       /tmp/mnt/usbkey/tftboot/logs/httpd.log

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