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ppoe error with 2 routers

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I have a speedport smart 3 Router from the provider that supplies the first floor with wifi and DECT for one telephone. Connected from the speedport lan connection to the 2nd router Asus GT-AX6000 WAN connection which is on the 2nd floor.
I use the Asus router to have Qos on the 2nd floor.

Everything works finde, no bufferbloat
But after a while the Speedport on the first floor gets "ppoe" errors and restarts the DSL connection

Is it because of this setup?
I can set AP mode on the asus router, but then the QoS settings disappear

What can I do?
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How is your second router getting Internet? Private IP WAN from the first or PPPoE passthrough?
from the lan port of the first router to the wan port of the asus router
and dsl cable to the dsl port of the first router, its vdsl if its matters

I dont set anything on the asus router, its on automatic ip setting which is default
In this case your Asus router is in Double NAT behind the ISP provided router. It has nothing to do with PPPoE connection.
From the device establishing the connection - your Speedport router. Your Asus router is just a client on the Speedport's network.

See if the modem part of this Speedport router has connection stats or system log. It may give you some clues what is happening.
On a small network the QoS needs to be on the first router or you are not doing much good with it.

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