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Asus Mesh - Dont understand whats happening

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I have an Asus GT-11000 Pro on floor 3, an XT9 on floor 2 and an XT9 on floor 1. If I am on floor 3, I will get 850 or so. On floor 2, connected to the XT9, I will get between 650 and 850 depending on time of day. On the first floor, connected to the XT9 on the first floor, I get 250. If I turn off the XT9 on the first floor and connect to the XT9 on the second floor, I get about 600.

I upgraded the main router from the GT-11000 to the Pro and replaced XT8s with XT9s. Both setups worked the same way. I am not sure if there is some setting thats not right or thats just the way it works. Is it an Asus thing and would another brand work better?

It is strange that I get better speeds connecting to the second floor XT9 directly than connecting to the XT9 on the first floor 6 feet away.

Any help, ideas or info would be appreciated.
Didn't specify the type(s) [wired/wireless] of interconnection nor topology [lowest floor unit 'fed' from which unit above].

If all three using wired backhaul it seems the drop to the lowest unit would be compromised in some way. Shouldn't matter whether chained from one floor above or direct to two floors up. Certainly not /that/ much.

This sounds like wireless backhaul is being employed, and that the middle unit backhaul band is /repeating/ backhaul to the lowest unit. Any way to wire either or better, both, nodes? If not, this may be the best you can do. Even if you could get the lowest node to wirelessly connect directly to the third floor instead of the second, it might not considerably improve throughput with the units all situated as you have them. How much have you experimented with placement?
The units are approximately in the same area on each floor. The backhaul is wireless. Wiring would be a big job so I will try and get this working the best I can. I went into the settings and saw the backhaul was set to AUTO. I changed each of the XT9s to backhaul to the GT-11000 Pro. The next speedtest got me 542 so that was a great improvement.

I will be happy if that stays consistent. Thanks for the insight aand help.
The units are approximately in the same area on each floor.

Did you test with just one AP centrally located... then add/test the second, staggered, and as far apart as practical... is two enough? Too much WiFI is not a good thing. Avoid deploying them one-over-the-other.


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