Problems RT-AX88U_384.19

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hello I have a problem with the latest firmware version RT-AX88U_384.19
It is impossible for me to connect to the 5 GHz network with 2 tablets of the same brand. It concerns the Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite
1 can connect but the other cannot. And if I take the other off again, the one that could not connect can connect again.
I also run into problems with all my tuya devices that are connected to the wifi. That they are no longer visible via google home hub. I have already reset the router to factory settings but unfortunately this does not work.
If I put the standard asus firmware on my router, all this works. Maybe someone has an idea what it could be or is it a firmware bug.
Ps: sorry for my bad english i used google translate because i am from the netherlands


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If you want you can try to disable [Auto select channel including DFS channels] for 5 GHz.
Try to search about this before.

Maybe it helps to disable it.
Good luck!

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