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Currently I have RT-AX88U Router using the latest Merlin Firmware.

I have noticed my Traffic Analyzer reset on the 1st day of this month,

I take it that is normal? Would I need a usb stick to store more stats as I noticed the traffic history reset too.

JR Godwin

Regular Contributor
Yes, I believe a USB would help. Also, from the router admin page, look on the left for the "Tools" tab, then, when you've selected it, on the top, choose "Other Settings". There, you can choose where the data is stored (this is where the USB comes in) and also what day of month to use (if you wanted something other than the first)

JR Godwin

Regular Contributor
Traffic Analyzer is the TrendMicro tool. What you are describing is the Traffic Monitor, the Merlin tool. Two different things.
If this isn't what we're talking about, then it's really kinda confusing given the labels on the page.



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Sorry for the confusion. Yeah you’re right. The traffic analyliser resets every month but survives if you reboot it. Traffic monitor resets when I reboot. I’ll get a usb stick :)


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Traffic monitor resets when I reboot.

Yes, Traffic Monitor default save location is RAM. It can be changed to USB. Traffic Analyzer saves data to /jffs, I believe. I don't know how it works because my router is a test unit only and I never run it long enough to test the TrendMicro tool. All I know is there is no option to save its data to USB.

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