Range tests on a GT-AC5300 vs a AX3000...

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Anyone seen any tests like this anywhere? I've searched the forums, googled quite a bit, no joy.
I'm trying to decide if the ac5300 would cover more house (quite a few walls) than the ax3000. Central location. No wifi 6 needed, only a single router. And, only between these 2 routers.


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The GT-AC5300 will have the best chance to cover 'more house'. Just because it is a 4x4:4 antennae/stream design.

The best router I ever used for 'range' was the RT-AC3100 though, by far.

And the latest AX routers (RT-AX88U and RT-AX86U) offer much higher throughput at equal distance.

Doesn't matter if you 'need' Wi-Fi 6 or not, the latest AX routers have superior AC RF designs that you should ignore or dismiss offhandedly.

In the end, doesn't matter what tests you find or what my few words here, state.

The only way to know is to test a few in your home and keep the one that works best in your specific Wi-Fi environment.

For the cost of the routers mentioned above, I would begin with the RT-AX88U/RT-AX86U and move down from there.

Note that the RT-AX3000/RT-AX58U isn't in this game with its sort of psychotic 4x2:2 antennae/streams design.


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Agreed on the real world test. Right now those 2 give me the range in my own house, I was wondering if anyone had done an actual range test, as in clear distance point to point.
You are right on testing in-place.


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The articles/posts I've read over the years on Wi-Fi over open areas suggest thousands of feet of 'range' are possible. That doesn't help a homeowner in any way.

RT-AC3100 Report https://www.snbforums.com/threads/s...-go-with-the-rt-ac1900p-v3.34748/#post-281391

The link above is one of my better experiences for 'coverage' in a home. With everything very 'suboptimal' (placement, etc.), it still performed well above my expectations and the homeowners too.

Still, that can't directly indicate what will happen with the identical router in your home today.

What can be extrapolated is that a router with more antennae/streams is more likely to have similar results in your home, vs. a router (RT-AX58U) that is inherently crippled by its internal RF design (it's actually a freak of the Wi-Fi world, where the streams up/down do not correspond to the number of antennae it has).


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What is the price? In relation to what other models?


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That RT-AX92U only does 4x4:4 on the 5GHz-2 radio/SSID. I wouldn't consider any of the ones you indicate.

What would the RT-AX86U or if available, the RT-AX68U be in your area? I know the RT-AX88U would be a good choice, but it is usually much more expensive too (and the RT-AX86U is a better router, in spite of being less expensive).

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