RAX120 as access point WAN or LAN port

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I seem to remember reading somewhere (Cannot find it again) that when used as an access point the RAX120 might be slightly slower connect via WAN rather than LAN. Just curious if anybody has any thoughts either way?

I have been testing the RAX120 vs. a single Velop MX4200 unit and in my house I cannot really split the 2 speed wise and using wifi sweetspots, the highest speeds on both is circa 700mbps. At my last house I did get over 1000 but I have factory rest the RAX120 since then. Velop is connected right now as I prefer the less obstrusive look but am going to test the RAX120 again later using the LAN. 700mbps is not to be sniffed at of course but I am just curious as I was expecting the RAX120 to be noticeably better than a single Velop.

Anybody tested this themselves?


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