RAX120 connection problems

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New Around Here
Just wondering if anyone is having same problems with the Rax120v1, this is my second router now in two weeks. Issues im having is 5ghz disappears (rolled firmware to 136 back and hole reset seems to work at minute) internet dropping, dchp devices not properly connecting (only temporary fix is reserving ip addresses). .16 seems to be a mess but Netgear seems to be fobbing people off. If i plug my d7000v1 in through wan everything is smooth.


Mr. Easy
Staff member
What channel and bandwidth settings are you using? If using DFS channels, 5 GHz will take awhile to come up because it first has to complete its scan for radar.


New Around Here
When split the ssid was on 44+ but enabled smart connect to see if this is any better but seem to be getting alot of dropped connections.

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