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Hi, please do not throw rocks at me for this question, I would like to know what is the best router option (and not something that costs 300$ or more ) to run a simple OpenVPN server at home. Currently I am running one on a AC68U but it is kinda limited by it's processor power I think, the upload speed (download on client side) when conencted to it is only around 30 Mb although the line advertized speed offers 500Mb. The line when tested locally with shows around 450 Mb upload rate so there must be a hardware limit on the current router. I would prefer Asus due merlin firmware option. I've asked around and got as answer Mikrotik hAP ac² . Most results when googled return just answers related to router acting as clients. Maybe some optimisations that I could do on the AC68U stop some things that are currently running in order to gain more processing power? Thank you for any suggestions.


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Keep in mind it takes two to tango. Your upload speed may be affected by the download speed of the client's connection and its processor. That is usually the limiting factor for me.

Also, if you run the 68U as a client to a fast VPN server, you may get a sense of whether that is true in your case. I suspect the workload is the same on the processors on both ends.

OpenVPN is single threaded but can use hardware acceleration which is why the AC-86U can get to 200mbps or so.


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Mikrotik does support OpenVPN servers, I actually manage one for a customer. Note that they are fairly complicated to manage, and I can't comment on the VPN performance (we never measuered it).


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If the ISP speeds (both up and down) on both ends of the VPN tunnel are greater than the 30Mbps you're able to achieve now, and the VPN connection point at that end can do better too, then upgrading to any of the following routers that support RMerlin firmware will offer a performance increase (up to 200Mbps or more, depending on the VPN settings used).

RT-AC86U (384.19_0 or Alpha RMerlin firmware)
RT-AX88U (384.19_0 or Alpha RMerlin firmware)
RT-AX86U (currently only Alpha RMerlin firmware)

If the ISP speeds (up/down) at both ends of the VPN tunnel do not offer greater than 30Mbps up/down performance or the VPN hardware at the far end itself limits the VPN performance to current speeds or only slightly more, then upgrading the router at only one end will not be effective nor recommended.


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Hello and thank you all for your advices, yes the speed at both end of the vpn is greater than 30 Mbps. Most likely I will wait till AX86U (maybe it comes on offer during this black friday or december holidays) will be fully supported by Merlin firmware and then move my current AC86U (current client) and replace my AC68U (current server). In the meantime I will try to optimise the vpn settings at vpn server side , as I've found a pretty interesting article here :


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That you can do when you use a router with very poor cpu to VPN. Some router have AES-ini. Turn off compression and choose a good chiper is a god start.

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