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Relocating TP for Fiber broadband - evaluating options

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Hello, I am based in Singapore. This is regarding a relocation that's coming up soon - moving to a similar apartment. The new apartment is similar to mine but previous tenant had TP in a different location. I have it near my TV and entertainment center.

My constraints:
- I have a NAS device which has content that I play using Plex. It does not have wifi and is connected via wired cable
- Also have a landline connection and prefer to have it neat the TV area itself. Cannot run a wire just for this phone.

I am trying to decide between the following options:
1. Move the TP to the TV area (contractor or Starhub contractor) - seems to cost about $160. This will solve everything as things will go back to how they are in my current apartment now
2. Leave the TP and ONT where they are. Connect one of the TP Link Deco mesh routers and the place an extension near the TV area - which is connected wirelessly to the main router. And run a wire from the router to the NAS. Everything else is anyway on wifi. Will need to keep the phone somewhere near the ONT though
3. Keep TP and ONT where they are. Run a Cat6 cable to the TV area and setup everything like it is now. NAS may have better performance (?) but phone will still be stuck in a different place near ONT. The quote I have for running the Cat6 cable (20-25 feet distance including up and down along door edges) is about $90.

Any guidance on which one is better or if there are options I am missing. Thanks.

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