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Wireless reliability, losing internet on smartphones only

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Hi all,

I've been struggling with phones losing internet connection on my home network about 1x per day and I'm stumped. Only the mobile phones and one of the smart TVs are losing internet connection, it hasn't been a problem with any laptops or tablets.

I have a standard Spectrum modem connected to a TP-Link Archer A7 V5. The router is on the latest firmware, with channel selection and wifi mode in automatic settings. The only custom thing is Cloudflare as the DNS address. I live in a small apartment, so not much area to cover but a lot of other networks that may be interfering.

Do I need to upgrade my router hardware? Are there common settings to change to correct this? I have plenty of speed when it works but it's pretty frustrating when it loses internet connection.

Network Devices:
  • 2 phones
  • 1 tablet
  • 3 smart TV connections
  • 2 internet connected security cameras
Agree with the above re the phones.
Does the TV connect to 5GHz wifi? If it's only compatible with 2.4Ghz then you can try disabling "Smart Connect" in the router's wifi settings, or connect it to a guest 2.4 wifi.
I've had this issue with Smart Connect on and off so I don't think that's what is driving it.

I've changed my phone MAC address to static on this network so hopefully that fixes things! If not I'll try toggling off Smart Connect and see if that helps with the MAC change.

Thanks for the input!
Could be the random MAC option as everything else works fine. Phones and tablets have this option and the others don't.

So does Win10 on the desktop/laptops...

MAC filtering is basically obsolete at this point - hostnames are more important...

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