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Reverse internet access through Asus-Merlin OpenVPN client.

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At the remote site I have an OpenVPN configured AC86U in LAN-to-WAN cascading mode feeding all traffic on its subnet ( through my VPN to a Linux OpenVPN server at home. This provides access to the home LAN ( and the internet. Local traffic at the remote client end ( connects directly to the ISP’s fibre modem which handles local internet traffic and also the traffic over the encrypted VPN.

In the reverse server to client direction I would occasionally like to access the internet from specific devices on the home LAN ( I can access the subnet which is part of the remote client VPN ( and login to the AC86U for configuration purposes but I cannot “escape” from the AC86U and contact the subnet and therefore the internet at the remote end.

I think that OpenVPN is configured and working properly and my issues are down to my limited knowledge of routing. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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