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GT-AX6000 - 3004_388.6_0 - Wireguard client - No Access to Servers local LAN

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New Around Here

I’ve an issue with my GT-AX6000 flashed with 3004_388.6_0, using wireguard client config.

The setup is as follows:
remote location:
GT AX6000, as wireguard client with default LAN: 192.168.50.X

Home location:
Ubiquiti Dream Machike SE, as wireguard server with default LAN: 192.168.1.X
In my home network there are several devices/servers running which I want to access through the GT-AX6000

The wg config is as follows:

PrivateKey = „XYZ“
Address =
DNS =,

PublicKey = „XYZ“
AllowedIPs =,,
Endpoint = myDDNsProvider:1025

The config works on every other device without any issue, unfortunately not with the asus router.
I can access the Internet through the tunnel but none of the devices hanging under my ubiquiti dream machine. It seems that it‘s an issue with the router, since the config worked even on a crapy Fritzbox from AVM without any issue.

Can someone help me please? I just want to be able to access my local network through the asus router.

Everything works fine with OpenVPN, but not with wg.

The VPN Director Rule is as follows:
Interface (WG), local IP:

Btw: I noticed that the VPNFusion is gone. Did Asus remove it?

Many thanks in advance.

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The config works on every other device without any issue, unfortunately not with the asus router.
Your rule in vpndirector says only that ip should access wg. That would not imply the router.

First order of business would be to remove your current vpn director rule.
A lan2lan rule would be destination based, like:
LocalIP: blank
Iface: wgc1 (or whatever you use)

this would make all clients (including router) to access other lan.

Don't use dns entry if you don't need it. Leave it blank in gui.
Tks, you really made my day.

Btw: Did they remove VPN Fusion? I just can see the classic „VPN Client“, „VPN Director“ tabs

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