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Router Access Restriction List when configured as Media Bridge

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I have been using a single Asus router (in Wireless Router mode) for many years now and have always used the Access restriction list to limit the number of users able to login. The MAC address of a Raspberry Pi is in the DHCP Assignment list and that Pi is used for nothing except router admin over a wired connection.

Very recently I had cause to add another router to the system but needed this one in Media Bridge mode. Everything is working fine and I would like to restrict access to it as above. Unfortunately, there are no such controls in this mode.

Any comments on the wisdom or otherwise of this approach are welcome. Have I been wasting my time tightening things up like this or do others do the same?

I know there are a lot of very knowledgeable users of this forum and there is a wealth of information and help but I felt I had to register just to ask the question. Many thanks to anyone who takes the trouble.
TBH I don't think anybody really uses the Access Restrictions option. Provided you're using a sufficiently complex and unique password for your router that should be good enough, unless your LAN is completely untrustworthy.

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