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AX1800S Media Bridge no 5ghz

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I'm at a loss with this. I'm trying to use the media bridge mode and while I can connect without issue to the 2.5ghz network on my ISP router, I can not see the 5ghz network at all. Every other 5ghz network in the area shows up. I have tried to turn off the "smart steering" in the ISP router which combines the two GHz into one SSID, but even then, I could not see the 5ghz network with its own SSID. All other devices in the house can see and use both the 2.4ghz and 5ghz without issue. What could cause this issue? The only thing I can think of is some sort of hardware issue between the two devices if all other devices aren't having issues.
Welcome to the forums @Xcelsior86.

Your main router is likely broadcasting at a frequency the RT-AX1800S doesn't support.

Try changing the 5GHz Control Channel to the lowest possible (usually, channel 36).
Thank you! I did find this solution a while earlier on another thread. Setting my ISP router to channel 48 made it appear and now I've got a much better connection.

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