Router GUI Login Page also connects to a Web GUI Simulator Domain

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I accessed my routers GUI Login (192 168 50 1) and just happened to look at my Firefox browser addon Ublock Origin. I notice a connection to the website:

I opened my browser in Private Browsing Mode and went straight to my router GUI, did no web surfing beforehand. So I grabbed the domain name my routers GUI was connecting to ( and entered it in the URL of my browser and visited that page. I was greeted with a warning from firefox about not trusting that web page but I click ignore and continue. When it continued it landed at a Asus ZenWifi AX Web GUI Simulator website. I have no idea what is going on and why my router is connecting to that Asus Web GUI Simulator page. I have never been to that page before, I don't store any disk cache in my browser and always browse in private mode.

Does anyone know whats going on?


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Some GUI data (DNS Dropdowns, OUI data, Timezone data) is live-loaded from, which resolves to that name. No problem. It must also host their simulator site, but unrelated to the activity you see.

Generally, it’s better to exclude the router URL from ad-blocking extensions.



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Thanks, I was kinda worried for a minute.

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