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Router is suddenly no more accessible.

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New Around Here

I wanted to update my AX86U from stable 3004.388.6 to 3004.388.6_2 but had problems to access the GUI. The network is working fine though.
- Under the usual IP adress the router is not available. (Tried https://www.asusrouter.com:8443/ too)
- Tried to access through WIFI and LAN and different browser.
- android and apple devices with Asus Router app can't get access too.
- Restarted device without success.
- Network devices show me that is the Router address I am connected with.

GUI is set to HTTPS only. no external access. Cant remember that I changed anything.

I am using the router since 2-3 years with Merlin.
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The hint from ColinTaylor helped me by accessing through SSH helped to gain HTTP access at least.
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